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Blast Curtain Walls (BCW)

Bastogne Blast Protection manufactures Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) Blast Curtain Walls (BCW) in varying thicknesses and configurations to meet customer-specified bomb blast mitigation needs and ballistics threat levels.
Ductility of wall components permits walls to remain stable when stressed well into the inelastic range. Nominal 8 inch bomb blast walls have been demonstrated to resist .30 caliber armor piercing rounds (NIJ Level IV) and .50 caliber M2 ball rounds at 15 feet. Bomb blast mitigation curtain walls for buildings are custom designed to meet customer specifications and structural requirements. Bomb blast mitigation walls are fitted with structural connectors at tops and bottoms of walls so that erection between floor levels is easily accomplished. Blast Curtain Walls do not apply force to building columns. Blast walls may also be installed in the interior of buildings.

Bastogne's blast wall technology underwent laboratory testing by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Unclassified reports on evaluation results are available upon written request to Bastogne Blast Protection.

1. By conducting these evaluations, government activities do not directly or indirectly endorse any product or service provided, or to be provided, by Bastogne Blast Protection.

Blast mitigation of buildings provided by bulkheads, revetments, or other protective barriers which are not integral with the protected structure are subject to un-attenuated, wrap-around blast waves. The effect of explosions between such barriers and targeted buildings are substantially increased. Such barriers provide little defense against penetration by small arms fire or indirect fire ordnance impacting within the perimeter of the barriers. Bastogne Blast Protection's Blast Curtain Walls (BCW) provide this protection.

AFRL evaluation of Blast Curtain Wall (BCW)
at University of Missouri, Columbia
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BlastCubicle is a rectangular shaped, hardened wall structural module which may be employed individually or assembled with other units to form various configurations of protective internal enclosures providing blast mitigation and bullet resistance. Bastogne's patent pending in-situ sand-filled cellular blast wall technology is used in the walls. BlastCubicle components are shipped on pallets and erected on-site using assembly instructions, adhesives, connecting screws, and anchoring hardware furnished by Bastogne Blast Protection.

BlastCubicle assemblies during and after construction
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BlastCubicles having nominal 3 inch blast resistant walls have been tested to resist TNT charges at short standoff distances. BlastCubicle walls resist 7.62 mm and .30 caliber ball fired from a muzzle distance of 15 feet. The BlastCubicle's roof resists sustained loads of 300 pounds per square foot with no permanent deformation. Nominal 4 inch walls resist penetration of .50 caliber fragmentation simulation projectiles (FSP) at 4,200 feet per second velocity.

Interior BlastCubicle Configurations
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Existing buildings can be retrofitted with BlastCubicle bomb blast structures to provide internal bomb blast protection and harden existing buildings. Numerous configurations of BlastCubicle assemblies are possible. Interior hardening is ideal where employment of exterior Blast Curtain Walls is overly conspicuous or unsuitable for other reasons. Bastogne's engineering personnel and field technicians are available to assist you in design and erection phases.