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Equipment Demos

Bastogne Blast Protection was invited to demonstrate its bomb blast and terminal ballistics mitigation products at FPED VI and FPED VII at Stafford Regional Airport in Stafford Virginia. At FPED VI, Bastogne Blast Protection also participated in the blast and small arms fire demonstrations at the U. S. Marine Corps Base ranges at Quantico.

The Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED) is a defense product trade show for DOD and other government buyers conducted by the Office of the US Army Product Manager, Force Protection Systems (PM-FPS). Participation is by government invitation only. It showcases and demonstrates commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment solutions for Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) needs. This program is a result of the realization by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the need for continual vigilance and protection against terrorist forces intent on harming US personnel and interests. The demonstration began in 1997 and is conducted on a biennial basis. More than 3,200 items of available COTS equipment for combating terrorism were on display at FPED VII.

At FPED VII, Bastogne Blast Protection demonstrated two new Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) products. The Hardened Relocatable Shelter (HRS) provides mobile blast and ballistics resistant tactical shelters for the Armed Services. The Container Retrofit System (CRS) takes advantage of the thousands of unused ISO containers in theater and utilizes Bastogne’s blast and ballistics mitigation walls to provide protected forward area complexes for multiple military applications. See MILITARY PRODUCTS for full descriptions of these products.

During FPED VI, over 11,000 leaders and decision-makers from DOD, Federal departments and agencies, foreign governments, and selected state and local law enforcement and corrections agencies witnessed the outstanding blast mitigation and small arms resistance capabilities offered by Bastogne Blast Protection’s BlastCubicle.

On three consecutive days during FPED VI, the BlastCubicle was subjected to an explosion of 50 lbs of TNT at 20 feet. The BlastCubicle preformed exceedingly well as there was no substantial damage or penetration of the interior.

At the Ballistics demonstration BlastCubicle showed its ability to withstand small arms fire. Marine sharpshooters fired 7.62 x 59 NATO M80 Ball rounds into one wall from 25 meters on two consecutive days. No rounds penetrated the interior BlastCubicle wall.