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Military Products

Hardened Relocatable Shelter (HRS)

Bastogne Blast Protection produces mobile expeditionary bomb blast structures such as relocatable tactical shelters, access control points, and observation posts. The Hardened Relocatable Shelter (HRS) is ideal for many tactical requirements.
HRS may be equipped with view ports, gun ports, HVAC equipment, and other required accessories. The theoretical safe standoff distance for a 1,000 pound TNT blast is less than 60 feet. HRS walls resist .30 caliber armor piercing rounds NIJ Level IV) and .50 caliber M2 ball rounds at 15 feet....
The HRS/Cignys System is capable of being towed behind military vehicles on highways at 55 miles per hour or across rough terrain at lesser speeds. It is transportable by C-130 aircraft and exterior aerial delivery using rotary wing aircraft. HRS was demonstrated at the 2009 Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED) at Stafford, VA.

HRS with Cignys Mobilizer
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Container Retrofit System (CRS)

The Container Retrofit System CRS is an economical blast mitigation and bullet resistant retrofit for unused ISO shipping containers which create protected tactical facilities such as billets, hospitals, and forward tactical command centers. CRS uses the same blast wall technology employed in the HRS with the exception that overhead protection against indirect fire is provided by a second tier of ISO containers on top of the occupied first tier. The upper tier forms a pre-detonation screen for contact detonation fused ordnance. ISO container floors are capable of supporting sufficient depths of in-situ sand to provide overhead shrapnel and small arms protection. Interior walls of CRS-retrofitted container complexes may be removed to create open spaces within the protected perimeter units.

CRS container complex
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Bastogne Blast Protection provides prefabricated brackets which are field-welded to ISO containers to support the CRS prefabricated blast mitigation wall sections. When external walls are erected, the honeycombed cells of the walls and the standoff space between the blast mitigation walls and the ISO container walls are filled with in-situ sand. The CRS wall system has comparable blast mitigation and terminal ballistics protections as the HRS. CRS includes devices for connecting contiguous ISO containers and upper tier containers, Internal and external doorway frames, weather-tight doors, and internal blast and ballistics protective walls for door-less, baffle-protected entryways.

Other Military AT/FP Systems

Additional Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) systems are currently under development at Bastogne Blast Protection. Relocatable bullet resistant screens for high value aircraft parking and maintenance facilities are one concept being given high priority by engineers at Bastogne. Contact Bastogne Blast Protection with inquiries about your specific blast and ballistics mitigation requirements